A comprehensive and versatile solution for improved Spatial Asset Management

When in charge of numerous spatial assets, positioning information is business-critical.

High performance companies need a forward-looking solution that constantly seeks the use of new technologies to the advantage of its users, providing them with the most productive and reliable way to manage their assets.

SAMS is a platform modulated to conform to the needs of its clients. Helping them to best leverage their tracking system.

Outdoor Positioning

Indoor Positionning

Fleet Vehicles

SAMS includes a fully functional fleet management system, and makes use of reliable GPS trackers and sensors to keep a close eye on every vehicle individually. Not only providing real-time positioning, but also other pertinent information for vehicle maintenance and monitoring

Merchandise & Equipment

With SAMS, not only can you track your vehicles, you can also be aware of the positions of every movable asset you own. Including merchandise transported by your fleet and equipment your workforce makes use of


SAMS can record every activity in your infrastructures, such as maintenance visits, equipment transportation or check-outs, merchandise arrivals and departures... Effectively helping you track down all your assets up to the exact room they’ve been placed


SAMS ensures you not only know where your employees are and what they’re up to at any time, but also when they clock-in and out of work and take breaks, even if they’re on the field


SAMS supports various types of tracking and positionning equipment

GPS Trackers




Supervision Center

An easily accessible, highly intuitive web interface specifically designed to simplify management and supervision

Mobile Explorer

A lite mobile application to monitor assets in real time and take action while on-the-go


Custom-fit hardware choices

The broad range of technologies supported by the SAMS platform makes it possible to customize our offer to your exact needs, adapting it to your requirements and your budget

Mission Planning

The combination of SAMS’s supervision center and the workforce mobile application makes for an effortless planning and supervising platform. Missions can be created, laid out and sent directly to the involved staff for execution

Reporting and data representation

Get the most out of your data by generating various custom reports, made to simplify and quicken data analysis and decision making

Alert center

Stay aware of every problem, every setback and every anomaly, in real time, with the help of the Alert Center. With SAMS’s automatic alerts system, there’s no need to be constantly on the lookout or to periodically contact your personnel for status updates. All the information is sent directly to you